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What 2013 film is about a garden snail?
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What kind of car does "Speed Racer" drive?
Mach 5
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Who played Lestat in "Interview With the Vampire"?
Tom Cruise
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Which actor voiced both Winnie Pooh and Tigger in a 2011 film directed by Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall?
Jim Cummings
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In "The Princess Bride", who played the grandfather?
Peter Falk
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What country is the title character fighting to protect in the film "Mulan"?
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In which 2001 movie did Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson play the character of the Scorpion King?
The Mummy Returns
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What issue is up for vote at the beginning of "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones"?
Creating an Army
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What game do the M.I.T. students play to win in the movie "21"?
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What actress first spoke the often-repeated movie line: "You had me at 'Hello'"?
Renee Zellweger
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What Jedi Master ordered the formation of the clone army discovered in "Attack of the Clones"?
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Who directed the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"?
Steven Spielberg
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Which 1994 movie has this tagline: "A Comedy with Attitude"?
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What is the name of the talkative parrot in "Aladdin"?
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What film features the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams?
Despicable Me 2
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In which 2001 movie did Michael Clarke Duncan play the character Colonel Attar?
Planet Of The Apes
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William Hurt plays what president in "Vantage Point"?
President Ashton
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What is Dr. Evil's son's name from the "Austin Powers" movies?
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Which sport is the 2007 film "Blades of Glory" about?
Ice Skating
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In "The Lorax", what color is the Lorax?
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What destroyed the HMS Interceptor in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie?
Battle With Black Pearl
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What is Napoleon Dynamite's best friend's name?
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In "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", where do the Pevensies live?
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God Grew Tired Of Us shows the plight of the lost boys of which African nation?
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