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Who is known as "Posh Spice"?

  • Victoria Beckham

Who is known as "Sporty Spice"?

  • Melanie Chisholm

What's Bob Dylan's real name?

  • Robert Zimmerman

Why did 2NE1 went on hiatus in 2014?

  • Bom's drug smuggling controversy made the group go on hiatus for a while

How did EXID revived their career in 2014?

  • A viral Up & Down fancam of Hani

What is the title/nickname of ASTRO Cha Eun Woo in the Korean industry?

  • Face Genius (Because he has a top tier visuals)

What is the fandom name of TOMORROW X TOGETHER?

  • MOA meaning Moments of Alwaysness

What does "daesang" means within K-Pop?

  • The highest award / grand prize of an award giving body

How was Enhypen created/formed?

  • The members were picked through the 2020 survival program called I-Land

What company created the K-Pop group BTS?

  • Big Hit Entertainment

What does "bias" mean in K-Pop?

  • Your most favorite member