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How many times has Barry Bonds won the National League MVP Award?
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What was the Cincinnati Reds' original nickname?
Red Stockings
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Which Major League pitcher retired with 5,714 strikeouts in 5,386 innings?
Nolan Ryan
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Which player won the 2015 American League Hank Aaron Award?
Josh Donaldson
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Josh Hamilton knocked in 128 runs for which MLB team in 2012?
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What position did Don Mattingly originally play?
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Who was the first relief pitcher to win the Cy Young award?
Mike Marshall
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Baseball's Curtis Granderson hit 43 homers and had 106 runs batted in for which team in 2012?
New York
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What is the first name of baseball's McLain?
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Who is "Charlie Hustle"?
Pete Rose
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At what college did the "7th inning stretch" originate?
Manhattan College
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What year did Andrew McCutchen make his first MLB appearance?
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Which baseball player for the Boston Red Sox was MVP of the American League in 1995?
Mo Vaughn
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On April 6, 2001 President Bush threw out the first pitch at which new ballpark?
Miller Park, Milwaukee
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Which team finished the 2014 MLB season having the worst record in the major leagues?
Arizona Diamondbacks
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What Red Sox player reached 40 home runs first in the 2018 MLB season?
J.D. Martinez
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Who earned the nickname "Mr. October" for his World Series play?
Reggie Jackson
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Dwight Gooden pitched for which Major League Baseball team in 1985?
New York Mets
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What candy ran the promotion for baseball's one millionth run?
Tootsie Rolls
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Yankee Stadium is known as the house that which famous player "built"?
Babe Ruth
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Which player's position is located behind home plate?
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What Houston Astros player was featured on the cover of the 2005 World Series program?
Roger Clemens
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What position did Hall of Fame Baseball player Tony Perez play?
1st Base
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What is the first name of baseball's Killebrew?
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Baseball Trivia

Did you know many historians agree that baseball originated from the English game of rounders? Interestingly enough, the game of “townball,” “base,” or “baseball” only became well-known in the United States in the early 19th century as teams and clubs started to form in different towns and cities. Then, in 1845, Alexander Cartwright came up with a list of rules for the sport, most of which are still in place today. The following baseball trivia questions and answers are designed to test your knowledge of the game like you wouldn’t believe.

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