10+ Drama TV Show Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

TV's "The Bionic Woman" worked undercover for which secret organization?
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In "Secret Life of the American Teenager", what is Amy's boyfriend's name?
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Which "Melrose Place" company did Billy and Amanda work for?
D & D Advertising
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Who played Kevin Arnold on the "Wonder Years"?
Fred Savage
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What animal is devoured by maggots in the opening credits of the series "True Blood"?
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On "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", what is Willow's last name?
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Who was the woman who took care of the girls on "The Facts of Life"?
Mrs. Garrett
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In the pilot for "The Vampire Diaries" who is attacked and left bleeding from a bite?
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Nurse Colleen McMurphy is from which TV show?
China Beach
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Before the TV show "Dynasty", what show did Linda Evans star in?
Big Valley
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In season 3 of "Downton Abbey", Mrs. Patmore has a romance with a man who wants what?
Her Cooking
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On the TV show "Matlock" what was Matlock's first name?
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On "Nash Bridges", who played the title character?
Don Johnson
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In what U.S. state is "Breaking Bad" set?
New Mexico
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Who plays Sookie Stackhouse on the series "True Blood"?
Anna Paquin
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Who was TV's "The Fall Guy"?
Lee Majors
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Drama TV Show Trivia

If you check out the “best TV drama” lists online, there’s one show that keeps coming up trumps every time--and that’s Breaking Bad. Test your knowledge of the casting, characters, and plotlines when it comes to this legendary series, and others, in these drama TV shows trivia questions and answers.