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How many seconds does an NBA team have to take a shot that hits the rim?
24 Seconds
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Who was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002 with only 4 NBA seasons?
Drazen Petrovic
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Who knocked the Celtics out of the 2018 NBA Playoffs?
Cleveland Cavs
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In the 2013–14 and 2014–15 seasons, NBA star Anthony Davis led the league in which category?
Blocks Per Game
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What year did Tony Parker enter the NBA draft?
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What is Michael Jordan's middle name?
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Though drafted in 2007, Marc Gasol delayed his NBA rookie season to play a year where?
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At which university did star NBA point guard John Wall play one year of college basketball?
University Of Kentucky
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During his rookie season in Minnesota, Derrick Williams started how many games?
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What team did Larry Bird coach at the start of the 1997 NBA season?
Indiana Pacers
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How big was Shaq's 5 year deal he signed with the Heat in 2005?
$100 Million
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What is the name of the Miami Heat mascot?
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What number uniform did Ray Allen wear for the Sonics?
# 34
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What was Ray Allen awarded in 1996 at Connecticut?
Big East Player Of The Year
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International basketball star Manu Ginobili comes from which nation?
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On the Celtics' logo, what does the leprechaun have in his left hand?
A Cane
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What Grammy-nominated singer did Grant Hill marry in 1999?
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Star NBA point guard Kyrie Irving was born on March 23, 1992 in which country?
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Which team drafted Derrick Favors 3rd overall in 2010?
New Jersey Nets
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What national basketball team has Tony Parker been captain of?
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Which point guard tied a record by committing 14 turnovers in a single game?
Jason Kidd
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In 2015, all-star NBA power forward LaMarcus Aldridge signed with which Southwest Division team?
San Antonio Spurs
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Who was the MVP of the 2018 NBA Finals?
Kevin Durant
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At what age did star NBA point guard Derrick Rose win the MVP Award in 2011?
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With an estimated global following of 825 million, basketball is ranked as the world’s seventh most popular sport. It has been around since 1891 when it was invented by Dr. James Naismith in Massachusetts as an indoor alternative to football. In these basketball trivia questions and answers, you’ll learn more about this topic, from particular players and games to scores, seasons, and championships.