51+ Drama Movie Trivia Questions

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How many babies were used in the filming of "Raising Arizona"?
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For what film did Meryl Streep win her first Oscar?
Kramer Vs. Kramer
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Which actor has starred in two films about John F. Kennedy?
Kevin Costner
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On the show "Entourage", whose daughter gets Bat Mitzvahed?
Ari Gold's
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What was the name of Ralph Fiennes' character in "The English Patient"?
Count Laslo Dealmasy
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What actress portrayed Amy Fisher in "Long Island Lolita"?
Alyssa Milano
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What decade did the movie "Scent of a Woman" come out?
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In season 4 of "Downton Abbey", who attacks Anna?
Mr. Green
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In the 1997 movie "Titanic", where did Rose and Jack make love?
A Car At The Bottom Of The Boat
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The movie "Amazing Grace" is based on the life of which British anti-slavery pioneer?
William Wilberforce
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Who played "Annie Hall" in the Woody Allen movie?
Diane Keaton
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What is a French word for "cap", the name of a type of hat?
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Which film, based on a true story, starred Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell?
Apollo 13
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The film "Sid and Nancy" starred what actor and actress in the title roles?
Gary Oldman And Chloe Webb
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The movie "Are We Done Yet?" is the follow-up to which 2005 film?
Are We There Yet?
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What was the year John Hurt was born?
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What movie is about sisters who live in post-Civil War America?
Little Women
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In the film "Almost Famous" what LP was a note left for William by his sister?
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Which actor played coach Clay Driscoll in the movie "Believe In Me"?
Jeffrey Donovan
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What movie is a remake of Wim Wenders' 1988 film "Wings of Desire"?
City Of Angels
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What song opened the movie "Saturday Night Fever"?
Stayin' Alive
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In what movie did Johnny Depp play Gene Watson?
Nick Of Time
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What were the names of the Doberman Pinschers on "Magnum P.I."?
Zeus And Apollo
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In "American History X" who does Edward Norton play?
Derek Vinnyard
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