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In "The Office", which character does Michael marry and move to Colorado with?
Holly Flax
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In the 5th season of "The Office", Ryan claims to have gone on a long trip to which Asian country?
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In "The Office", both Michael and Chet were once on what children's TV show?
Fundle Bundle
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On "Seinfeld", how long did the Soup Nazi suspend Elaine from eating his soup?
1 Year
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On "Friends", what is the name of the Ross' girlfriend, the one who shaved her head?
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How many total episodes of "The Office" aired before the show ended?
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Which character finally meets her parents in the last original episode of "The Office"?
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In "The Office", Michael resigns due to the tyrannical policies of which Vice President?
Charles Miner
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Who is Jerry Seinfeld's postal nemesis?
Same Name As Movie Star Paul
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On "Friends", where does Chandler's boss hit him?
His Butt
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On "Friends", what was the name of Joey's girlfriend that Chandler fell in love with in season 4?
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In season 4 of "The Office" Karen becomes manager of a rival branch in what city?
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What instrument does Ron Swanson's alter ego play in "Parks and Recreation"?
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In the 4th season of "The Office", Michael sponsors a fun run for what disease?
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On "Friends", what first edition book did Chandler buy Joey's girlfriend?
The Velveteen Rabbit
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"The Office" aired on which U.S. TV network?
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Which cat owned by Angela in "The Office" needed insulin, an ace inhibitor, and pills to survive?
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How many reindeer hooves including Rudolph carry Santa's sleigh?
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On "Seinfeld", what is the first talk show Kramer goes on during his book tour?
Live With Regis And Kathie Lee
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In "Parks and Recreation", what is the name of the game that Ben creates while he is unemployed?
Cones of Dunshire
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On "Friends", what was the name of Ross and Rachel's baby?
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In "The Office", Stanley expresses a desire to own what kind of building that can "shoot into space"?
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On the TV show "Friends", how did Gunther say his soap-opera character was killed off?
Killed In An Avalanche
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On "Friends", what is the name of Phoebe's gay ice-dancer husband?
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Did you know that sitcom stands for situational comedy? It’s an entertainment genre that focuses on a fixed set of characters that carry through to each episode. Learn more about TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Cheers, and The Office in these sitcoms trivia questions and answers.