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On the TV show "Monk", what police department does Adrian Monk work for?
San Francisco Police Department
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In the 2018 episode of "Blackish" titled "Blue Valentine" what room in the house was being remodeled?
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What TV show won the most Emmys in 2018?
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
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What is the name of the castle home of the House of Baratheon in The Stormlands on "Game of Thrones"?
Storm's End
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The HBO TV series "Sharp Objects" is based on a best-selling novel by what author?
Gillian Flynn
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On "Happy Days", which high school did Richie, Ralph and Potsie attend?
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Who is Steven's best friend on "Steven Universe"?
Connie Maheswaran
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What is the first name of the "South Park" mayor?
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What is the lead character of "Black Lightning's" name on the show?
Jefferson Pierce
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On "Cheers", what position did Sam Malone play in Major League Baseball?
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In "Modern Family", who is Claire's husband?
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The creators of the TV show "Castle" also created what 2018 TV series?
Take Two
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What was the name of the cab company on "Taxi"?
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Rick and Morty was created as a parody of what film?
Back to the Future
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What is Kenny's last name on "South Park"?
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What is the real name of the "Game of Thrones" character called Hodor?
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What was the name of Mr. T's character on "The A-Team"?
B.A. Baracus
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Who will portray "Doctor Who" in season 11 of the series premiering in 2018?
Jodie Whittaker
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What is Steven's hometown in "Steven Universe"?
Beach City
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What is The Nanny's name from the hit TV show?
Fran Fine
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On "Entourage", whose mansion was Drama forbidden to go to?
Hugh Hefner's
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What is the favorite show of the boys on "South Park"?
Terrance And Phillip
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In eighth season of "Family Guy", Peter falls in love with a cardboard cutout of which model?
Kathy Ireland
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What does the game "Twister" use to decide who stands where?
A Spinner
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Did you know that M*A*S*H had one of the most-watched TV show finales of all-time? 105.9 million viewers tuned into CBS to see it. This was closely followed by Cheers on NBC with 84.4 million viewers and Seinfeld on NBC with 76.3 million viewers. In these TV shows trivia questions and answers, you’ll learn more about this form of entertainment, including certain shows, characters, cast members, plotlines, and set locations.

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