8+ Punk Music Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

Which musical group did White Stripes' Jack White form with Brendan Benson in 2005?
The Raconteurs
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What is Green Day's Tre Cool's given name?
Frank Edwin Wright III
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What type of music did London's The Damned play?
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In 1981, the Violent Femmes were discovered outside a concert venue for what group?
The Pretenders
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Which track of Sublime's "Robbin' The Hood" album featured vocals by Gwen Stefani?
Saw Red
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After Victor DeLorenzo left the Violent Femmes in 1993, he toured with what band?
Moe Tucker's Band
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Who was the lead singer of The Ramones?
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Sublime's single "What I Got" was released under which album title?
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What band is Jordan Pundik in?
New Found Glory
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What is the name of the 2006 orchestral album by Jack White of the White Stripes?
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Where is the band Sublime originally from?
Long Beach, CA
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What did Green Day win a Grammy for in 2005?
Best Rock Album
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What is the name of the White Stripes' popular 2002 album?
White Blood Cells
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What instrument did Paul Simonon primarily play for The Clash?
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On the Sublime song "DJ's", what comes his way?
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Punk Music Trivia

Did you know that punk rock music, or simply punk, originated in the US, UK, and Australia in the mid-1970s? It can be categorized by its loud, aggressive nature. Test your knowledge of this genre, which can be epitomized by the likes of The Ramones, Green Day, and The Clash, with our punk music trivia questions and answers.