10+ New Wave Music Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

Whose big dance hit was "Headhunter"?
Front 242
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When did The Cure first have a top 100 single on the year-end Billboard charts?
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The hit single "Making Plans For Nigel" by New Wave group XTC came from which 1979 LP?
Drums & Wires
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Which popular music performer or group recorded the song "Late Bar"?
Duran Duran
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Which New Wave group was fronted by the respected Midge Ure?
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What was the name of the debut album from the Pet Shop Boys?
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What was the name of the sophomore album from the British ska band The English Beat?
Wha 'Appen?
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Which Talking Heads LP had their first Top 10 hit "Burning Down The House"?
Speaking In Tongues
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British ska/New Wave band English Beat, formerly The Beat, split up after which 1982 LP?
Special Beat Service
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What ground breaking band was The Grid's Dave Ball a member of?
Soft Cell
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What is Patty Smyth's husband's name?
John McEnroe
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What songwriting duo is the backbone of the British band Squeeze?
Difford & Tilbrook
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When did Pet Shop Boys first have a top 100 single on the year-end Billboard charts?
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Who did the Pretender's Chrissie Hynde marry in 1984?
Jim Kerr
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What was The Cure's first #1 album in the U.K.?
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Which album by The Cure was the first to feature Jason Cooper?
Wild Mood Swings
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What was the name of The Cure's debut album?
Three Imaginary Boys
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The singles "Up On The Catwalk", "Promised You A Miracle" and "Sanctify Yourself" are by which band?
Simple Minds
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New Wave Music Trivia

A genre of rock music that gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, new wave was initially similar to punk rock before it moved away from the blues and rock and roll genres. It later incorporated disco, mod, and electronic music to develop a whole new sound. Test your knowledge of this topic further in our new wave music trivia questions and answers.