What is the name of the golf course featured in the movie "Caddyshack"?

Bushwood Country Club
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In "Caddyshack", while Danny is with Lacy in the Judge's house, who comes for tea?
The Havecamp's
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In the movie "Caddyshack", what song blasts out of the stereo of Al Czervik's golf bag?
Any Way You Want It By Journey
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In "Caddyshack", what is the reason for the celebration at the big dinner at the club?
July 4th
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For how long and at what time were the caddies of the movie "Caddyshack", allowed in the pool?
15 Minutes, 1:00-1:15
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Who played Carl Spackler in the film "Caddyshack"?
Bill Murray
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