In the film "Goodfellas", why was the character Tommy killed?

He Killed A Made Mafia Member
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In "Goodfellas", who plays Stacks Edwards?
Samuel L. Jackson
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How did Stacks Edwards die in the movie "Goodfellas"?
Shot In The Head
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How does Paulie slice garlic in "Goodfellas"?
With A Razor Blade
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In the film "Goodfellas", what airline is robbed?
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What did Tommy say after killing Stacks in "Goodfellas"?
Make That Coffee To Go
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What is Morrie's profession in the movie "Goodfellas"?
Sells Toupees
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What comedian did Henry take Karen to see in the movie "Goodfellas"?
Henny Youngman
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In the film "Goodfellas", how was Tommy lured to his death?
He Was Told He Was Getting "Made"
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Who played Karen Hill in the movie "Goodfellas"?
Lorraine Bracco
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In "Goodfellas", what character did Robert De Niro portray?
Jimmy Conway
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