In "Rocky Balboa", Rocky owns what kind of establishment?

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In "Rocky V", which character tries to convince Rocky to stay retired?
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In "Rocky Balboa", Mason Dixon is played by which real-life boxer?
Antonio Tarver
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In "Rocky Balboa", what is the name of Rocky's restaurant?
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"Rocky Balboa" was released in which year?
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What was the name of the Russian boxer faced by Rocky Balboa in "Rocky IV"?
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Which character who died in "Rocky III" makes an appearance in "Rocky V"?
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What actor plays the role of Paulie in the movie "Rocky"?
Burt Young
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In the movie, "Rocky", what is the name of Rocky's dog?
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Who played Thunderlips in "Rocky 3"?
Hulk Hogan
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In "Rocky V", Adrian takes on her old job at what kind of establishment?
Pet Store
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