In "Flushed Away", what type of rodent is Roddy?

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What two rats work for Toad in the 2006 movie "Flushed Away"?
Spike And Whitey
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In 2007's "Surf's Up", which lifeguard rescues Cody when he injures his foot?
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Who is Cody Maverick's surfer friend in the 2007 movie "Surf's Up"?
Chicken Joe
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Lyra is a ward of what institution in "The Golden Compass"?
Jordan College
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Which actor plays the patriarch of the Gornicke clan in the 2006 comedy "RV"?
Jeff Daniels
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What character does Roddy encounter in the underground world of the movie "Flushed Away"?
Le Frog
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What annoyingly upbeat RV-worshipping family did the Munros always seem to keep bumping into in "RV"?
The Gornicke Family
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In what type of vehicle is the family riding in the movie "RV"?
A Recreational Vehicle
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In "RV", what mountainous area is the family traveling to?
Colorado Rockies
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