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Which song by the Rolling Stones was originally called "Title B" on the album "Between The Buttons"?
Ruby Tuesday
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What Marilyn Manson song is about teenage rebellion?
Disposable Teens
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Which Stevie Wonder song begins with the line: "All the gold in all the world, is nothing to possess"?
For Your Love
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Which song by The Cure includes the lyric "another world where the sun always shines"?
Where The Birds Always Sing
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Which Marvin Gaye song begins with the line: "See those flowers, they need love"?
Everybody Needs Love
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Which My Chemical Romance song has the same name as a Clint Eastwood movie?
Hang 'Em High
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What America song contains the lyric: "You take what you want and I'll take the sunshine"?
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Who composed the song "Sancta Maria" featured on Andrea Bocelli's "Sacred Arias" album?
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Which Animals song was used on the soundtrack to the film "Easy Rider"?
San Franciscan Nights
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Which Doors song is about Jim Morrison's relationship with Pamela Courson?
Queen Of The Highway
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Which R.E.M. song appears in the 2005 Will Ferrell movie "Bewitched"?
Everybody Hurts
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Which Stevie Wonder song was about a certain "Miss Lady Girl"?
Get It (Duet With Michael Jackson)
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Which Madonna single was featured in Microsoft's 2001 Windows XP ad campaign?
Ray Of Light
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Which R.E.M. song begins with the line: "I can't say that I love Jesus, that would be a hollow claim."?
New Test Leper
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Which Maroon 5 song was featured in the 2005 film "The Wedding Date"?
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What Martine McBride song begins with the lyrics "sometimes I feel like I never quite fit in..."?
When You Love Me
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Where in the world would we be without music? A song is defined as “a single work of music that is typically intended to be sung by the human voice with distinct and fixed pitches and patterns.” It often feels good to sing, even if you’re not exactly good at it--are we right? Want to expand your musical knowledge further? No problem--check out our songs trivia questions and answers.