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Who does Oscar winner Javier Bardem play in the film "Skyfall"?
Raoul Silva
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In "Skyfall", what was the name of the casino in Macau where Bond met Severine?
Golden Dragon Casino
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Quantum of Solace is the direct sequel to which Bond film?
Casino Royale
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M's house in "Skyfall" is whose former home?
John Barry
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Where did "Skyfall" place in the list of highest grossing films for 2012?
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What did James Bond say after he killed Vargas in "Thunderball"?
He Got The Point
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What was the first operation called in the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only"?
Operation Undertoe
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Who sang the theme for "Skyfall"?
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Who played Eve Moneypenny in "Skyfall"?
Naomie Harris
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What song was played when Silva assaults Skyfall in the film's finale?
Boom Boom
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What kind of car did James Bond win from Alex Dimitrios in the 2006 version of "Casino Royale"?
Aston Martin DB5
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What MI6 section chief is James Bond sent to kill in the 2006 movie "Casino Royale"?
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How does Zorin die in the James Bond film "A View To A Kill"?
He Falls To His Death
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Which character did Walter Gotell play in six James Bond films?
General Anatol Gogol
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How many beverage holders are there in Bond's BMW Z8 in "The World Is Not Enough"?
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What was the name of the wife of Felix Leiter, a CIA agent who helps James Bond?
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James Bond Trivia

Did you know that there have been 24 movies to date based on the character of James Bond, the British Secret Service agent? In these James Bond trivia questions and answers, you’ll learn more about actors, characters, cars, and plots in relation to this famous franchise.

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