2+ Family Guy Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

When the Griffins are put on TV, who plays Peter on "Family Guy"?
Tom Arnold
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Who is the mayor of Quahog on "Family Guy"?
Adam West
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What team does Meg join at school on "Family Guy"?
Flag Girl Squad
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In eighth season of "Family Guy", Peter falls in love with a cardboard cutout of which model?
Kathy Ireland
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What color is the Griffins car on "Family Guy"?
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Family Guy Trivia

Created by Seth MacFarlane, it’s fair to say that Family Guy is an animated sitcom with extreme popularity in the US. It focuses on the adventures of the Griffin family and is widely described as “sick, twisted, and politically incorrect.” Would you agree? Regardless, you can test your knowledge of this unique TV show with our Family Guy trivia questions and answers.