12+ Beer Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

Where is Red Stripe beer brewed?
Kingston, Jamaica
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Clydesdale horses were originally used to sell which beer?
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Which cereal grain is the most commonly used in beer?
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What is the Czech word for beer?
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What type of dog is on the label of "Red Dog" beer?
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Lone Star is the official beer of which U.S. state?
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Which beer is from the "land of sky blue waters"?
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Where is the Coors Brewing Company located?
Golden, Colorado
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Which Pennsylvania town is the birthplace of "Rolling Rock Beer"?
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Anheuser-Busch Brewery had its headquarters in which U.S. city?
St. Louis
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Miller Brewing Company featured what bird in its trademark?
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Beer Trivia

Can you believe that there were over 65 billion beers produced in the United States alone in 2016? In these beer trivia questions and answers, you’ll learn more about famous brands, breweries, and ingredients when it comes to the most popular beverage worldwide.