Who started all 16 games at left tackle for the Colts in 2012?

Anthony Costonzo
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Which veteran receiver was released by the Colts before the 2012 season?
Pierr Garcon
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Peyton Manning missed the 2011 season with an injury to what body part?
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Who briefly served as interim head coach of the Colts during the 2012 season?
Bruce Arians
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What are the team colors of the Indianapolis Colts?
Speed Blue And White
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Who became the Colts' new defensive coordinator before the 2012 season?
Greg Manusky
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Which cornerback did the Colts acquire from the Dolphins before the 2012 season?
Vontae Davis
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Which Colts player returned two interceptions for touchdowns in 2012?
Darius Butler
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The Colts spend their second and third picks in the 2012 draft on which position?
Tight End
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The Colts celebrated which anniversary of their founding in 2017?
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