Who made the game-winning shot when the New York Knicks upset the Miami Heat in the 1999 playoffs?

Allan Houston
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In 2011, Victor Cruz set a Giants record in what category?
Receiving Yards
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Which Giants rookie was named an AP All-Pro in 2012?
David Wilson
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Which former Bronco did the Giants acquire in the 2014 season?
JD Walton
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What book did Walt Frazier publish in 2006?
The Game Within The Game
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Which defensive captain left the Giants prior to the 2014 season?
Justin Tuck
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Which wide receiver rejoined the Giants for the 2014 season?
Mario Manningham
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Who became the Giants' new offensive coordinator during the 2014 offseason?
Ben McAdoo
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Which TV show did Eli Manning host in 2012?
Saturday Night Live
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Which former Knick was a Heisman Trophy winner?
Charlie Ward
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Who was the Knicks' first Rookie of the Year?
Willis Reed
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Which backup quarterback did the Giants re-sign for 2014?
Curtis Painter
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