In what year was Randy Moss traded to the Raiders?

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Which former Bengals quarterback started 15 games at quarterback for the Raiders in 2013?
Carson Palmer
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Who became the Raiders' new offensive coordinator in 2013?
Greg Olson
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Which Raiders head coach was replaced before the 2012 season?
Hue Jackson
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Which Raiders kicker made every field goal attempt inside 50 yards in 2012?
Sebastian Janikowski
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Who started 9 games for the Raiders at quarterback in 2013?
Terelle Pryor
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Which running back did the Raiders lose to the Chicago Bears before the 2012 season?
Michael Bush
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Who was the only Heisman Trophy winner on the Raiders' roster in 2013?
Charles Woodson
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Rich Gannon threw five interceptions in a Super Bowl loss against which team?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Which Raiders fullback made the Pro Bowl in 2013?
Marcel Reece
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2012 was the Raiders' first full season after the death of what owner?
Al Davis
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