In computer science, what does "DOS" stand for?

Disc Operating System
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How many bytes are there in 4 kilobytes of memory?
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Which company marketed the Amiga 1000 personal computer?
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What does the file extension .MPEG stand for?
Moving Picture Experts Group
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In computer terminology, what does "ROM" stand for?
Read Only Memory
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Who was founder and chairman of America Online Corporation?
Steve Case
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What year did Bill Gates graduate from Harvard?
He Didn't Graduate From College
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What is a technical term for the "brain" of the computer?
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Which software company makes Excel?
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Where is Microsoft's headquarters?
Redmond, Washington
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What does the file extension .TIFF stand for?
Tagged Image File Format
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What does ISDN stand for?
Integrated Services Digital Network
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What company developed a computer with the codename "Lisa" in the 1980's?
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