4+ Movie Special Effects Trivia Questions

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What film was the first film to use photorealistic computer generated fire?
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What was the first film to be released in multichannel stereo sound called Fantasound?
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What was the was the first movie to feature a large-scale CGI military battle?
Starship Troopers
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What was IMAX's first full-length, animated 3-D feature?
The Polar Express
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Who was shown as an amputee with the use of special effects in "Forrest Gump"?
Lt. Dan Taylor
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What film was first to use the morphing effect?
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Movie Special Effects Trivia

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Did you know that special effects (shortened to SFX, SPFX, or FX) are defined as illusions in movies used to create the aesthetics of a virtual world? In these movie special effects trivia questions and answers, you’ll learn how much these visual tricks have progressed with the evolution of technology.