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Which Food Network host's show often focuses on the science behind food and cooking?
Alton Brown
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In cooking, what is cutting herbs or vegetables into very fine strips called?
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If the pan catches fire when you're frying bacon, what should you never throw on it?
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What year did "Butterball" turkeys begin to be used for Thanksgiving dinners?
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What was the first cooking show on television, hosted by James Beard in 1946, called?
I Love To Eat
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Which animal can cause a tularemia infection in humans while being skinned for cooking purposes?
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What is the term for cooking meats like pork or duck in order to melt some of the fat out of them?
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Which sweetener sometimes used in cooking includes laevulose, dextrose and an anti-mold enzyme?
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Which ingredients are used for making "ants on a log"?
Raisins, Peanut Butter And Celery
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Which Italian town is considered to make the world's best balsamic vinegar?
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In cooking what would you use a "dredger" for?
To Sprinkle Flour Or Sugar Lightly
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When would you want to rinse pasta after cooking?
When You Are Making A Pasta Salad
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Who is said to have been the founder of classical French cooking?
Marie-Antoine Careme
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When a chef puts out every ingredient needed to prepare a dish ahead of time, what is it called?
Mise En Place
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What does the term "au gratin" mean when it comes to cooking?
Covered With Browned Breadcrumbs
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In "double steaming", how much liquid loss is expected?
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In cooking, if you "pare" a carrot, what do you do to it?
Peel It
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What was the original meaning of the phrase "shish kebab"?
Fried Meat
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If beef is cooked "en brochette", what does that mean?
On Skewers
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What is a light and fluffy pie filling made with stabilized gelatin and beaten egg whites called?
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What do you call the rotating rod a "rotisserie" item is cooked on?
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What is "jaggery", used in Indian cooking?
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What type of sugar includes a small amount of cornstarch to prevent lumping while mixing?
Powdered Sugar
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