5+ Achorman Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

In the movie "Anchorman" what instrument does Ron Burgundy play?
Jazz Flute
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In the movie "Anchorman" what is the name of the cologne Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd)uses?
Sex Panther
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In the movie "Anchorman" what is Ron Burgundy's signature sign-off?
Stay Classy, San Diego
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In the movie "Anchorman" what does Brick use to kill a man?
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In the movie "Anchorman" who plays weatherman Brick Tamland?
Steve Carell
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Achorman Trivia

Following the story of television anchorman Ron Burgundy in the world of 1970s broadcast news (played by Will Ferrell), the sequel to this 2004 comedy was released in 2013. Test your knowledge of the original movie in these Anchorman trivia questions and answers.