What other front man did Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder sing with on the song "Hunger Strike"?

Chris Cornell
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What was the first single released from Pearl Jam's "No Code" album?
Who You Are
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"Spin the Black Circle" is on which Pearl Jam album?
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Which of Pearl Jam's albums sold almost a million copies in one week?
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What decade is the hit single "I Got Id/Long Road" by Pearl Jam from?
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How old was Eddie Vedder when his father died?
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Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam also plays guitar in a side project band; what is the name of this band?
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What band was Jack Irons in before Pearl Jam?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Eddie Vedder sang with which famous band at their Hall of Fame induction?
The Doors
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What does the Pearl Jam song "MFC" stand for?
Mini Fast Car
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What band did Eddie Vedder play in before Pearl Jam?
Bad Radio
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