11+ Internet Trivia Questions

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Quiz Questions

In 2002, what company acquired PayPal?
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In 2009, Zappos.com was acquired by which company?
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How many characters did Twitter originally restrict users to?
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The search engine "Bing" was known by all these name except?
Microsoft Search
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Repinning is a feature of which of these websites?
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What company did the founders of YouTube work for before starting up YouTube?
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What was the name of the first social networking site launched on the internet in 1994?
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What is an employee who works for Google called?
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Facebook co-founder Sean Parker was also the co-founder of which company?
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What popular social networking site was sold to News Corp. for $580 million in 2005?
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What product did Amazon first start out selling?
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Which company has employed the largest number of language translators?
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What was eBay.com originally called?
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What was Ask.com originally known as?
Ask Jeeves
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On Twitter, what is this sign "#" called?
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Given the rise of search engines, what does SEO stand for?
Search Engine Optimization
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In 2011, MySpace was sold to Specific Media LLC and which celebrity singer/actor?
Justin Timberlake
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Internet Trivia

Even though the World Wide Web was undoubtedly created in 1990 by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, the internet first took form in 1983. From leading websites to social networks, learn more about the online word in these internet trivia questions and answers.