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Which baseball player was famous for his 56-game hitting streak?
Joe DiMaggio
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Which Dolphins player was named an All-Pro in 2012 after accumulating 15 sacks?
Cameron Wake
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Which player won the most FedEx Air QB of the week awards during the 2011 NFL season?
Aaron Rodgers
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Which tennis player won a third Fed Cup title with the Czech Republic team in 2014?
Petra Kvitova
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Which American tennis player popularized metal rackets by first using a Wilson T-2000?
Jimmy Connors
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In 2015, at the age of 10, who became the youngest competitive swimmer in World Championships history?
Alzain Tareq
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At the 2018 NBA All Star Game, who was the head coach of Team LeBron?
Dwane Casey
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Which Spanish club is also known as "The Yellow Submarines"?
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What nationality is former Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger?
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What soccer position does Jon Busch play?
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In 2012, what was the name of the stadium the Giants and the Jets shared?
MetLife Stadium
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Derrick Rose was the first guard to be drafted first overall in the NBA draft since which player in 1996?
Allen Iverson
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Who made the game-winning shot when the New York Knicks upset the Miami Heat in the 1999 playoffs?
Allan Houston
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Who was Eric Radford partner in the Mixed Pairs Figure Skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics?
Meagan Duhamel
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Where did 2017 NFL first round draft pick Leonard Fournette play college football?
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Which golfer won his first career major at the 2011 US Open?
Rory McIlroy
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Matt Wieters hit 23 home runs for which team in 2012?
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Who had the number one draft pick overall in the NFL 2005 Draft?
San Francisco
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Which city is home to the first Canadian MLS team?
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Who did James Harden score 60 points against in January 2018?
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Which baseball player is nicknamed "Big Hurt"?
Frank Thomas
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Which sport had the most medal events in the 2018 Winter Olympics?
Speed skating
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Who was the MVP of the 2018 NBA Finals?
Kevin Durant
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Who won the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?
Zach LaVine
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